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Traditional Thai Marriage Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Package at Phuket

The Buddhist views on marriage are very liberal and within the faith it is considered a personal decision and not a religious demand that couples get married.

Traditionally Buddhist weddings in Thailand take place in the early morning and combine a variety of colourful traditions and religious beliefs and blessings in and around the village home of the bride.

At Wedding @ Phuket we have created that unique experience in a package whereby 5 monks are invited to chant prayers of health, prosperity and happiness while seated on a platform on a beach just before sunset. Next to the monks is the temple altar furniture with the Buddha image on top and lotus flowers , incense sticks and candles below. The bride and groom kneel facing the chanting monks with their hands in the “wai” position. After the ceremony the monks leave and the bride and groom move on to another part of the beach where they kneel for the water blessing ceremony. A connected holy string is placed on their heads forming a circle. Three powdered dots are placed on each of their foreheads and garlands are presented. The most senior elder from one of the couple’s families takes sacred water from a bowl with a conch shell and pours a little of it over the hands of the bride and groom while offering a blessing of good luck. Each of the guests follow in the same manner.

We can also arrange for the ceremony to take place at a local temple and can tailor make your Buddhist ceremony to include a variety of other Thai traditions.

Aomchan & Jacob - Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony, Thai Buddhist Marriage

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