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Phuket wedding planner & organizer.

Couples everywhere are planning their own weddings. By taking some basic steps, you can make your wedding day a much smoother, fun filled day. Wedding organising is essential to any wedding. Wedding organising will save everyone involved a lot of headache, when the actually wedding day rolls around. There is a good deal of anticipation that goes into planning and preparing for your wedding day. However, the moment is fleeting, being over in just a few hours. When you are planning your wedding on a budget, you will looking for the ways that give you the best wedding organising for the lowest price. There are plenty of options to employ to help make this happen.

Wedding day is the most important day will occur only once in your life. That it is not possible any more mistaken at all in every step of the work. We will help your dream come true. Memory to store all of your impressive forever. We will work hard to help any of you is easy with a team of professional wedding planner just trust us.

Traditional Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

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Thai Buddhist Marriage Step (Buddhist Wedding Ceremony)

Bride & Groom take the front seats together. Monks arrive & take seat on the stage ( every body put the hands together for saluting to the monks when they are passing ). The couple light up the candles and incense sticks and show the respect to the The Triple Gem* by prostrate themselves before the image of Buddha and then take a seat in the front roll Buddhist five precepts are vowed by staffs. Monks chant prayers of health, happiness and prosperity for the wedding couples’ marriage.

Bride & groom will donate the food for the monks. Bride & groom will donate gifts to the monk. The couple pours water to the bowl in order to offer spiritual merit to the ancestor, relatives and human fellow both of being alive and passing away Monks shower the holy water to couple and guests for health & luck Religious ceremony finished, couple taken photo with the monks before leaving. The monks leave & depart to the temple, the couple & all guests offer alms to them when they are passing on the way back.

Symbolic marriage certificate signing is offered & rings exchanging, photo taken. The couple is on stage, bride seat on the left hand side and groom on the right hand side. Elaborate flower garlands and holy string will be offered to the couple by the Groom’s grandmother and powder is placed on the couple forehead. The Groom’s grandmother follow by the Bride’s parents pours the sacred water from the conch shell to the couple hands and blessing them (symbolize forever cool happiness of family life).

Parents of groom are invited to pour the sacred water then followed by the senior & guestsblessing the couple the same way as the mother of bride did. The holy strings will be taken off by Bride’s grandfather & hand to the couple to keep it and bring back to their home.

Western Wedding Ceremony

Phuket wedding celebrant

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Suggested wedding procession

For me, the most important aspect of a wedding ceremony is that you and your partner truly enjoy the whole process, and therefore your active participation and input are very valuable.

Let me give you an outline of my typical procession, and we can use it as a template to personalize it to suit your desires:

1) The wedding takes place on the beach (or the lawn area by the beach) appropriately decorated by the florist (altar table, flower decorations, sitting for the guests etc). Normally guests and groom will gather 15-30 minutes before we start, maybe having some drinks and mingling amongst them.

2) Once we know that the bride is ready to arrive, I will ask the guests to take their seats, and the Groom (with best man) will be waiting with me by the altar.

3) Bride walks towards the altar (preceded by flower girls and or Bride Maids) whilst your favorite, chosen piece of music is playing. This music does not necessarily has to be the nuptial march, but can be anything that will inspire you and groom, and guests.

4) Once bride and groom are standing next to each other by the altar, and guests are seated, I will say a few words of welcome, and also thank the guests, on your behalf for taking the time and making the journey.

5) I normally continue by spending a few minutes reflecting on what marriage means (this is not a sermon, nor a must do list, but merely few of my own thoughts and reflections which have no religious or moralistic flavor).

6) I will continue with the "question of no objection" just to make sure that none of the present people is opposed to you getting married

7) We can continue with the reading of some poetry, or other suitable wedding readings, this can be read by me or even better by one of your guests (best friend, sibling or parents).

8) I ask you and groom to write down separately and email me a list (short or long) of what you love about your partner (small trivial things and also the BIG STUFF), as well as reasons for you getting married to your partner. I call this: "Sharing of what I love about my partner". It is a special moment within this special event, and whilst you will be writing to me, you will be basically telling your partner why you are here to tie the knot.

9) Sand pouring ceremony, since you are getting married on or by the beach, whereby each of you will have a small container (glass) with sand and you pour it simultaneously into a bigger container, symbolizing the union of your lives (time) in the future.

10) Exchange of rings and vows: first the groom puts your wedding ring on your ring finger and says his vow to you, and then it is the bride’s turn to do the same.

11) I will say a brief blessing for you and afterwards I will pronounce you married, inviting the groom to kiss the bride!!!

12) The married couple walks back, through the aisles of the guests, whilst another of your favorite songs is playing.

This is basically the whole story, which will last probably 15-20 minutes.

May I recommend that you write your own vows, as this will ensure that you use your own words and truly express your feelings. Alternatively I have a list of vows for you to choose from.

Kindly note that none of the above is compulsory and we can adapt and edit everything to suit your feelings, style, desires.

So, please let me know what questions or suggestions you have and we shall create a magic time for you in Phuket.

Wedding Vows

Wedding Readings

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